Numbers are key to understanding the world around us and play a vital role in our lives. Through play, children learn basic number and mathematics concepts in a fun and interactive way, sparking curiosity. Numbers are present in all aspects of life, from the past to the future, including technology, science, art, and culture. Our carefully designed education system will help children fall in love with numbers, easing the learning process and preparing them for future challenges.

With simple gestures in the Superclever Juniors program, we introduce children to numbers, making the world of numbers as simple as possible for them.

The "Superclever Juniors" program uses a method where children are introduced to the world of numbers in the most engaging ways possible. This is achieved by using natural materials that children typically play with, making the learning process fun, interactive, and relatable.

Our teachers come to meetings with children armed with a plethora of creative ideas, supported by a professional team that is constantly working on the development of new and improved methods. The educators who conduct the "Superclever Juniors" program are always open to new knowledge, methods, and encounters with the little participants.

The little ones eagerly anticipate our tasks and often ask, "When will Supercever be back again?" In addition to standard methods, we often use everyday items such as pebbles, sticks, leaves, etc., to present numbers to children in the simplest possible way.

After completing the Superclever juniors program, our participants are ready for an adventure with Superclever who calculates incredibly quickly, remembers like the most advanced computer, and on top of that, is well-mannered and aware of true life values.

Superclever Juniors - Numbers through game