IT CLEVER - program for future programmers

Programming and robotics are not only the future but also the present!

Can you imagine a day without a smart device? Is it possible for you to live without the Internet?

Today it is impossible to live without all these technological achievements. Top experts came to them and thanks to this knowledge life is easier for everyone. In order to create a website and start a business, you need IT knowledge. This knowledge is served to you in the best possible way by the IT CLEVER program , which builds on Superclever . When children come to love numbers through mental arithmetic, then the logical sequence of events is to use that knowledge in concrete examples. It is programming and robotics an excellent continuation of the story about numbers. With our support, you can reach a serious job in the world of programming and robotics, all in an interesting and very pleasant way. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art devices, and we regularly upgrade both software and hardware. It is important to stay in step with the times, and with our concept you will certainly achieve this.
The program starts with the basics of the Scratch programming language, and later continues with Python, HTML , CSS , but also advanced programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP .

The most important thing for parents is that their child receives a quality education with the right pedagogical standards, and we are number 1 in this.
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