In order for children to develop extraordinary abilities as SUPERCLEVERS, they must learn to quickly add sequences of numbers generated by our sophisticated software in half a second, and then accurately calculate the final result. Conventional education may not be sufficient to achieve such skills! However, our innovative Super Genius Mental Arithmetic program activates both brain hemispheres, stimulates synaptic development, and opens doors to new possibilities for children. These skills can be applied in various aspects of life. The program is successfully implemented in 5 European countries under the watchful eye of our expert and licensed teachers.

Fast Calculation Without a Calculator!

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Why Superclever Mental Arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic offers numerous benefits, as confirmed by various studies. This approach to learning is not just a name; it is a method that reliably:

1. Increases concentration and focus on essential aspects.
2. Enhances learning efficiency in all areas.
3. Develops the frontal part of the brain, a crucial region that sets us apart from our close primate relatives.
4. Improves health, as children learn through play and without stress. Where there is no stress, health thrives.
5. Significantly boosts children’s creativity and persistence in achieving their goals.

Considering these advantages, it is important to highlight that these benefits can be achieved by all children, regardless of their predisposition towards mathematics. The key factor is providing quality teachers who encourage learning. Doubtful? 😉 Visit the Superclever school and discover the power of mental arithmetic!


“Investing in your child’s education is the only investment in the world that brings you a guaranteed return.” – Ana Bešlić, author of the Superclever program.

The acquired knowledge of a child is an invaluable wealth that no one can take away, nor will it ever be lost.

Mental arithmetic represents knowledge that is permanently acquired and deeply rooted in a child’s brain. It is an exceptional tool that will assist them in solving the challenges they will encounter in life.

The goal of this program is not merely to teach a child to add a sequence of 100 numbers. While that is impressive, what we want to highlight are the numerous additional benefits that cannot be compared to that achievement.

It has been proven that mental arithmetic promotes:

– Increased concentration
– Improved attention
– Creativity
– Self-confidence
– Intelligence enhancement

Imagine the feeling when your child calculates the sum of 100 numbers in front of the entire class!

These are incredible possibilities, and the best part is that they will soon be available to your child too!