How to become a franchiser of the international math-logic school SUPERCLEVER?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The answer is NO. Our professional leadership provides training very professionally and can present our system in the simplest way to anyone. Only love for this job and adherence to instructions are important!

A franchise is a business model in which the owner of the franchise (Franchisor) grants the right to an individual or company (Franchisee) to use their name, products or services in exchange for a fee. This model enables business expansion with reduced risk, while at the same time providing support and resources for the successful development of the franchise business.

You need to contact us at the phone number at the bottom or through the form also displayed on this page.

That is not a problem. Our system is very clearly planned down to the smallest detail. This minimizes mistakes.

Do you want to bring the SUPERCLEVER mathematics-logic skills franchise to your city?

The proven business model in 6 world countries offers you:

Support for starting a business

Marketing support

Continuous improvement

Above-average earnings

10 facts about the business model - SUPERCLEVER franchise!

1. Popularity

“Our schools enroll an average of 50 students. We are one of the most popular franchises on the market.”

2. Innovative learning approach

The founders of SUPERCLEVER are doctoral students in the field of innovation in education.

3. Learning adaptability

The school adapts to the individual needs and learning pace of each student.

4. Continuous support

Our franchisors successfully overcome all obstacles.

5. Exam preparation classes

Sve naše lekcije su pripremljene i spremne za korištenje.

6. Strong community

Thousands of satisfied parents and children recommend this program.

7. Location flexibility

SUPERCLEVER franchises can be opened in various locations, including school centers, shopping malls, and private spaces.

8. Low initial fee

For starting a SUPERCLEVER franchise, prior experience in education or business ownership is not required, which makes it easier for potential franchisors to enter the business.

9.Strong marketing support

SUPERCLEVER provides comprehensive marketing support, including promotional materials, online advertising, and assistance with local marketing.

10. Expansion opportunities

Our franchisors often choose to purchase neighboring towns and cities for expansion.

Do you consider yourself the right person to start your own SUPERCLEVER school?

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